Be the crew

We still have jobs to fill.


Brand new, but with history.

Not just at John & Will, but also in the team. Let’s create something together. Let your ideas and personality run free here – in the back-office, with our service team, or behind the Barception. We’re curious folk and want to hear from you! Give us a call or drop us a message on +49 (0)421 427 680 or at

Fully rested?

Breakfast is served in the Vitaminlager next door. Just like lunch and dinner.

Go on over

You can’t beat having good neighbours, and we have the best! For example, enjoy breakfast in the Vitaminlager next door. Book with breakfast included or just let us know at the Barception: € 28 per person (50% discount for children under 12).

Visit Vitaminlager


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