Sleep where rice and corn were once stored – an experience that’s probably only possible at John & Will. We’ve done the rounds and worked hard to turn these historic silo tubes into modern, stylish rooms. When you wake up, you’ll be greeted by views of the Weser – from every floor and every room. Some rooms feature an extra fold-out bed, while others offer more legroom. And then there’s our Toorn Stuuv, where you can simply reside above it all.

Lütt Stuuv

Half-round and there’s everything, that you need. Some of the Lütt Stuuvs also come with an extra fold-out bed. Our smallest room is pretty big.

Grode Stuuv

A circular affair: with the Grode Stuuv you get 24 m². Enjoy a double bed, a lounge area, a reading nook by the window, a bathroom and plenty of space all around.

Best Stuuv

Now, here’s a lot of space. To be precise, a whole silo floor plus a bathroom high above Bremen on the 10th floor. Three Lüüds can also fit in with an extra bed.

Toorn Stuuv

Not round, but with an all-round view: our Toorn Stuuv stands out as the only room not built in the silos, but high above them.


Travelling as a family or with close friends? Then why not book our double pack: two Lütt Stuuvs next door to each other.


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