Small is still large

Small is still large

Take a silo and cut it in half: that’s our Lütt Stuuv. It’s 18 m2 and includes a 1.60-metre double bed, a reading nook by the window, space for your belongings and a bathroom (of course). And because some of the best things come in threes, one person weighing up to 75 kg can sleep in the fold-out bed above the double bed, so you can travel in style on a weekend getaway with friends or family.

The Lütt Stuuvs are located on the south-eastern side of John & Will. Get excited for the morning sunshine and a sideway view over the Weser towards the city!

18 m²
2 - 3 persons
160 cm wide
Highspeed Wifi


There’s one thing we take to heart: travelling around the planet should be as sustainable as possible so that we can stay on the planet. Also in your Lütt Stuuv! There’s everything you need: a safe, a hairdryer and products in the bathroom from Eco Essentials. The wall panels in your rooms make sure you’re nice and cosy during the winter or have a cool head throughout the summer months.

What else? Well, TVs are definitely old school. That’s why, to save further resources, we decided to take a more modern approach and why you can enjoy superfast Wi-Fi to stream your favourite series. And because minibars need a constant energy supply, even when the room isn’t occupied, there aren’t any. Instead, we’ll kit you out with a water bottle that you can refill (for free) again and again at our Barception.

Grode Stuuv

A circular affair: with the Grode Stuuv you get 24 m². Enjoy a double bed, a lounge area, a reading nook by the window, a bathroom and plenty of space all around.

Best Stuuv

Now, here’s a lot of space. To be precise, a whole silo floor plus a bathroom high above Bremen on the 10th floor. Three Lüüds can also fit in with an extra bed.

Toorn Stuuv

Not round, but with an all-round view: our Toorn Stuuv stands out as the only room not built in the silos, but high above them.

Dubbelt Stuuv

Travelling as a family or with close friends? Then why not book our double pack: two Lütt Stuuvs next door to each other.


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