It’s roomy here

If you’re thinking it all sounds very nice, but I’d really like some more legroom. Then the Best Stuuv is for you – with 30 m2 living space plus an adjacent bathroom. You can lounge on the windowsill and gaze at the Weser around the corner, relax or work in the seating area, snooze away in the two-metre double bed and still have room for, let’s say, morning yoga.

30 m²
2 persons
200 cm wide
Highspeed Wifi


There’s one thing we take to heart: travelling around the planet should be as sustainable as possible so that we can stay on the planet. Also in your Best Stuuv! There’s everything you need: a safe, a hairdryer and products in the bathroom from Eco Essentials. The wall panels in your rooms make sure you’re nice and cosy during the winter or have a cool head throughout the summer months.

What else? Well, TVs are definitely old school. That’s why, to save further resources, we decided to take a more modern approach and why you can enjoy superfast Wi-Fi to stream your favourite series. And because minibars need a constant energy supply, even when the room isn’t occupied, there aren’t any. Instead, we’ll kit you out with a water bottle that you can refill (for free) again and again at our Barception.

Lütt Stuuv

Half-round and there’s everything, that you need. Some of the Lütt Stuuvs also come with an extra fold-out bed. Our smallest room is pretty big.

Grode Stuuv

A circular affair: with the Grode Stuuv you get 24 m². Enjoy a double bed, a lounge area, a reading nook by the window, a bathroom and plenty of space all around.

Toorn Stuuv

Not round, but with an all-round view: our Toorn Stuuv stands out as the only room not built in the silos, but high above them.

Dubbelt Stuuv

Travelling as a family or with close friends? Then why not book our double pack: two Lütt Stuuvs next door to each other.


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